Coffee to Kenya

February 9, 2018

Coffee. This was how God spoke to me.  Weird, right?


I love coffee, and in January of 2017 I learned how to love Jesus.  I had never experienced God’s voice until I started consistently reading the Bible.  It seems so simple, yet it took me 20 years to realize that to hear God’s voice, I had to be familiar with his word. 


It was a slow Saturday morning in February when Kenya popped in my head.  I had no idea why, I honestly didn’t even know where Kenya was.  Why can’t I stop thinking about it?  I talked to God for days about why such a random country would catch my attention for no reason at all.  And I felt a little nudge from God. 





A simple command, yet so vague.  


Of course, I wanted some validity that this was from God and that I wasn’t just making things up in my head because at this point in my faith I doubted God’s voice a lot.  I didn’t know how to determine his voice from my own.


God graciously gave me the validity that I needed to trust him.  Through coffee.  One of my favorite coffee shops, Higher Grounds, has a daily varietal of coffee every day.  Frankly, I had never paid attention to the daily varietal because I always got the house blend. 


But on this day, I looked to see what the daily varietal had to offer.


Hand written on a small chalk board in front of the self-serve coffee read “Kenya.”


I looked around with my jaw to the floor.  I was the only one in the coffee shop and I wanted to badly for someone to be there with me to jump up and down at the fact that God spoke to me.  And I heard Him!!


Immediately I began researching Kenya, short term trips, long term trips, the living conditions, average costs of mission trips, everything you can think of, I tried to learn about it.  I began an application to a short-term trip through a mission called LOVE Africa.  The very last question of this application required me to get a reference.  I reached out to my old youth pastor, Cory, and informed him on everything that had been happening in my life and why I felt like God was tugging on my heart to go to Kenya. 


I remember his exact words when I asked him for a reference.


“I would love to, but you know I am leading a trip to Kenya in August through the church and there is one spot left.”




I filled that one spot and God completely turned my world upside down.


Six months later, I have committed to travelling back to Kenya for the month of July through LOVE Africa.  Kenya is in my soul, and I’m never looking back.



Rachel Cook

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